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      喇叭 独立三分区功放 独立五分区功放 家庭智能系统

      Address:Zhejiang province Yuyao Mazhu Industrial Zone Doumen Century Road No. 7

      Business Operation Department :

      Mr.Adam Hu






      Cooma since entering the public broadcasting market, with excellent quality, perfect after sale service, maintain high quality product image in the professional market.

      Cooma based on traditional public broadcasting, continuous research and development of new varieties, currently has developed more than 100 series of products. Application: hotels, shopping malls, and school, auditorium, gymnasium, hospital, convention and Exhibition Center, park, square, residential area, airport, station, luxury yacht.

      The design and manufacture of each component of the Cooma public broadcasting equipment are the only aim is the same: is committed to providing the most clear and effective public broadcasting, strengthen the propagation of sound. This is why Cooma customers can choose what they want to equipment.

      Cooma public broadcasting equipment has many varieties to choose from, all products will be better service for you, will meet the needs of your public radio!

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